Monday, August 18, 2008

Picking Peaches at Chile's Orchard

Okay. So we were revved up about picking peaches at a local orchard. What a great activity for the kids and our friends. Maybe we were a little too exuberant about it. We picked a whole box of them. And as I saw my friend's bill while she was getting check out, I thought GOD WHAT AM I DOING? Her bill came to about $40.
"I am going to need to put some of these back," I said. All I had was $20 and my bank card and honestly, it was a few days before payday, and I was not sure we had the money in the bank to cover it.
"Oh NO, I can't let you do that" the woman behind the counter said. "You can just IMAGINE that we'd have piles of peaches everywhere if we let everybody do that."
My mouth must have dropped open and then I dug out my bank card, saying a little prayer to the gods of checking account balances. And I paid her. But I never will again.
So, here's my thoughts. Couldn't they have taken some of my peaches and placed them on their shelves for sale, with the others? That might just have been a little too much work for them, I guess, considering there were maybe 4 other customers that I saw that morning.
After I thought about, I realized that other people must have gotten snagged too because, well, she readily admitted that others were surprised and wanted to put them back. So. I looked around and did not see any signs posted that warn people "YOU MUST TAKE WHAT YOU PICK."
All of this aside, what ever happened to customer service? If she had ever whispered the words "I'm sorry, but this is our policy..." No. She was nasty and condescending. I have a couple of witnesses—one of whom is an adult.
And I am telling everybody I know. We all deserve to be treated better than that, especially when plunking down almost $50 for a bunch of unripe, rather smallish peaches, that we picked with our own hands.