Friday, January 4, 2008

Top Ten things I Say ONLY to my kids

What do you say to your kids?

I've read a lot about what strange things come out of kids mouths. You know "out of the mouth of babes" stuff. But have you ever listened to yourself talking to your kids? I started to keep a list of stuff I say to them that I would never say to another person. Ever. Maybe you have a few of your own. Feel free to add some here.

Okay here are mine.

Please don't lick the table.
Don't eat your boogers.
Let me check your bottom.
It's okay to play with yourself, but just do it in private, and certainly not around your grandparents.
If you say vagina or poop one more time, I will scream.
Yes, I think the tooth fairy and santa actually know one another.
Is that you I smell?
Where did you get those underwear?
No, the Easter bunny does not smell like a dog.
I know you like to be naked, but please keep your clothes on.