Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This morning I noticed that, despite the cold, our strawberries now have bloomed. Today it might get to 60 degrees. It's been so cold here that it's hard to believe just last week I was traipsing around Stuart's Draft in short sleeves and flip flops. The Stuarts Draft Farm Market, which is located on Route 340, is one of my favorite places for produce. Not all of it's labeled "organic" but the owners say that much of their local produce hasn't been sprayed with chemicals. Growers are reluctant to jump through government hoops just to get the label "organic."
This place has a definite character. Its front lawn is covered with lawn ornaments for sale and you can buy candles, cookbooks, and a variety of craft-like items along with your produce. I purchased some local hydroponic lettuce that had such a fresh smell that I had to stop my self from plunging my face into its bin. We ate it all up that night at supper. The locally grown apples I bought are also gone. They were just brought out of cold storage from the long winter. I also purchased some onion sets from them in hope that we'll have fresh onions out of the garden for most of the summer. Onion and mustard sandwiches are one of my favorite summertime treats.
What are your favorite places to shop for food? Is there a special summer food that you long for?